Saint Gobain Performance Plastics Submits a Request for a Variance Related to Air Permit

June 19, 2024

On June 4, 2020, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics (SGPP) submitted a request for a variance of the February 11, 2021 deadline for completing construction and installation of the PFAS air emission controls as required in RSA 125-C:10-e and the air permit TP-0256 issued by NHDES on February 11, 2020. In the variance request, SGPP cited the Town of Merrimack’s appeal of the permit and the COVID-19 pandemic as the underlying reasons for the request. Specifically, SGPP requested that the variance be granted until February 11, 2022, or one year from the date of the final, non-appealable order disposing of the Town of Merrimack’s appeal of the air permit, whichever is earlier. The cover letter and variance request can be found at:

SGPP Variance Request

Cover Letter

The request was submitted in accordance with RSA 125-C:16 Variances and the procedures detailed in Env-A 202, Variances. As required by rule, NHDES shall issue a public notice of the petition in a newspaper of general daily circulation in the area of Merrimack NH and on the NHDES’ website within 10 days after the receipt of a petition for a variance. The public notice will provide information on how to submit written comments on the petition as well as the date of the public hearing on the petition. Due to the State of Emergency declared by the Governor as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the Governor’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, the public hearing will be set up electronically. More information on the public hearing will be forthcoming.

If you have further questions, please contact Catherine Beahm at (603) 271-6793.