PFAS Sampling Dashboard

Waste sites where groundwater has been sampled for PFAS are visible on the PFAS Sampling Dashboard. The map uses different color symbols to indicate whether a site has sampled groundwater for PFAS and: 

  • (i) PFAS were not detected at levels greater than laboratory reporting limits; 
  • (ii) PFAS were detected, but at levels less than the applicable Ambient Groundwater Quality Standards (AGQS)(link); or 
  • (iii) PFAS were detected at levels greater than the applicable AGQS.   

This interactive map also allows the user to access PFAS water quality data that exist in the NHDES Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD). By zooming in and clicking on a point of interest, the user may observe the concentrations of PFOA, PFOS, PFHXS, PFNA and Total PFAS that were detected in a sample. Only a portion of New Hampshire waste sites have uploaded data to EMD – to view groundwater analytical data for a site that has not uploaded data to EMD, the user must use OneStop as described below to access a PDF of the site data. 

Please note that the sites and data presented are under constant revision as new sites and sampling data are added. The data may not contain all the potential or existing sites or facilities.

New Hampshire’s waste sites have primarily assessed for the presence of PFAS in groundwater; however, as part of site investigations, certain sites have also assessed other matrices, such as surface water, foam, sediment, soil, leachate, fish, wildlife, stormwater, rainwater and air emissions. Testing results for these other matrices can be accessed in the project files from NHDES OneStop.